"mummy, can we make my cake look like we bought it from somewhere?"

7  -  the age of reason .  .       .  



our autumn has been warm and reluctant
still, i seem to have a hard time keeping up with it

every week a new lentil recipe
this one - from Moro - is with cinnamon and allspice, crushed.


some leftover halloween ghosts
they were lollipops in a previous life .  .    .



a day not so long ago
(though you've travelled a million footsteps since),
sketching together at the museum.

we miss you tante t . !



slowly - she's embroidering a blanket for her dolls.

we're stranded at home
with the first cold of the season.

hope you're having a fine weekend.



autumn in the country .  .    .

and in town it's come with afternoon rain and thunder and fever 
time to close the windows, turn on the lights, make pumpkin soup :)



by the eastern med .  .    .



white bougainvillea flowers from our garden
paper petals filter the light like tiny shoji screens

hoping for an afternoon at the sea
i wish you a good weekend .  .    .