a friday afternoon treat:
mediterranean snow

a. had a hard time leaving her snowman behind,
there were lots of cold hugs and frozen kisses  * *    *



intimacy, companionship, consolation
all to be found around a tiny cup of coffee 

and children's laughter momentarily keeping 
the difficult world at bay



a quick new year visit to england
it was happy despite all the odds,
and freezing cold.


today another christmas here at home -
and freezing cold.
now looking forward to some routine .  .    . 

a warm wish for the year to all of you *



we slipped away for a couple of days
to read by an open fire
and walk along a river and some cobbles

it was colder there, wintery
through the fog we saw a mountain on sunset fire
and a rainbow from beginning to end.

a beautiful christmas eve to you,
and day.



mama bell, papa bell and baby bell
each with a different ring


the garland in real clay,
now the discs make a gentle sound when they touch each other

my first ceramic class
no chance to go over and perfect,
which was good for me.



thank you all so much for the warm wishes!

now the elf is busy
making christmas cards .  .    .



"mummy, can we make my cake look like we bought it from somewhere?"

7  -  the age of reason .  .       .