mama bell, papa bell and baby bell
each with a different ring


the garland in real clay,
now the discs make a gentle sound when they touch each other

my first ceramic class
no chance to go over and perfect,
which was good for me.



thank you all so much for the warm wishes!

now the elf is busy
making christmas cards .  .    .



"mummy, can we make my cake look like we bought it from somewhere?"

7  -  the age of reason .  .       .  



our autumn has been warm and reluctant
still, i seem to have a hard time keeping up with it

every week a new lentil recipe
this one - from Moro - is with cinnamon and allspice, crushed.


some leftover halloween ghosts
they were lollipops in a previous life .  .    .



a day not so long ago
(though you've travelled a million footsteps since),
sketching together at the museum.

we miss you tante t . !



slowly - she's embroidering a blanket for her dolls.

we're stranded at home
with the first cold of the season.

hope you're having a fine weekend.



autumn in the country .  .    .

and in town it's come with afternoon rain and thunder and fever 
time to close the windows, turn on the lights, make pumpkin soup :)